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BBC "The Third Tower"

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BBC Conspiracy Files

"The Third Tower"
WTC Building 7

Following criticism of the original 911 Conspiracy File the BBC produced a "File" solely on the WTC 7 Salomon Building.

This programme, broadcast on Sunday July 6th 2008, present some of the more acknowledged sceptics as well as showing Silverstein, the owner who profited enormously from the attacks, talking of “pulling” i.e. controlled demolition, of Building 7.

Larry Silverstein, interviewed in

"America Rebuilds", PBS Home Video, ISBN 0-7806-4006-3

"I remember getting a call from the, uh, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, You know, we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse."

It also screened a very misleading clip of Barry Jennings who escaped Building 7 with a very illuminating story to tell. However the BBC cuts the crucial elements of Jennings' eye witness evidence to frame a spurious explanation of the damage to Building 7. The truth, as with the [Orgreave] incident, was dumped on the cutting room floor.

The BBC spins the official explanation that the debris from the towers initially caused the damage and fires in Building 7. This is contradicted by Barry Jennings who was in WTC 7 when the towers fell.

If you watch the entire interview you will find a very different story to the one the BBC promotes.

[The Third Tower] 1 hour BBC Conspiracy File

Then see the Jennings clip to understand how the BBC has manipulated his evidence.

Watch [Barry Jennings] interviewed by Dylan Avery
Full interview:
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[14:34] (CC) “later that afternoon another building at the WTC site collapsed, this time without a plane ever hitting it - this is building 7 in the shadow of the twin towers. The building had been evacuated and there were no causalities. With so much else going on that day the event was barely reported.”

Building 7 raises a thick wad of questions that are now labelled “conspiracy theories”. But “barely reported” - it was not a theory which revealed that the BBC broadcast the “news” of the collapse of Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell. It fell at free fall speed into its own footprint leaving a small pile of rubble and vast clouds of dust 20 minutes after the BBC first reported its collapse.

Building 7 offers a cameo of the various intrigues that have aroused doubts, questions and dissent about the whole official story of the attack on America.

Building 7 was the first steel framed building ever to collapse allegedly due to fire. There is a very long list of witnesses reporting explosions throughout the day. Molten steel was reported in the rubble. It’s collapse at free fall speed, as with the Twin Towers, continually attracts more professional/academics to the cause of questioning the official account. The official story conflicts with the LAWS OF PHYSICS.

It housed not only the Emergency Control Centre, offices of the CIA, FBI, Inland Revenue Services, but also an investigations division of the Securities and Exchange Commission. They were investigating Wall Street corporations, Enron, Wall Mart along with other undisclosed cases of high level corruption. All the records were lost. Some seriously rich and powerful people would have taken a big sigh of relief to see Building 7 fall. [LINK]

The collapse of Building 7 attracted more attention after the BBC prematurely announced its collapse. In July 2008 they screened a Conspiracy File solely on Building 7 and the early broadcast by Jane Stanley reporting its destruction.

This programme did present some of the more acknowledged sceptics as well as showing Silverstein, the owner who profited enormously from the attacks, talking of “pulling” i.e. controlled demolition, of Building 7. It also screened a very misleading clip of Barry Jennings, a secretive official of “agency which I can't name” who escaped Building 7 with a very illuminating story to tell. More info on this story and to see the Jennings clip plus lots more; [LINK]

Despite the substantial conflicts of interest of Popular Mechanics, the BBC interviews Coburn, ex local newspaper journalist with no reported qualification, to back the official debunking of those that question.

[15:18] (CC) "the motive , it’s argued, is there was a secret command bunker in Building 7 from where the attacks were co-ordinated; it had to be demolished to hide the evidence" .. the Secret Service, the Pentagon and CIA had offices there"

The BBC misleads because the majority that question the collapse of Building 7 do just that - question. These include survivors, firemen, engineers etc.

[15:47] (CC) "these are other buildings that were brought down by demo charges ... the collapse of B7 does look similar ".

The BBC addresses the issue of controlled demolition, but superficially. It is instructive to see pictures and film of similar building on fire. [LINK] These fires burnt fiercely, on a wider scale, sometimes for a day or more. No building has collapsed from fire before.

Coburn is interviewed at the site of the WTC. With laptop to hand we are shown the collapse.

16:25 Davin Coburn (DC) “when you learn the facts about the way the building was built and the way it supported itself and the damage that was done by the collapsing towers that preceded it the idea that it was a demolition just holds no water”.

16: 42 (CC) "As the twin towers collapsed the debris smashed into WTC 7. The building became a raging inferno partly fuelled by large diesel storage tanks for emergency generators."

This is categorically contradicted by, to name but a few, Barry Jennings - survivor, two professors of structural engineering at Switzerland's most prestigious university . Heikki Kurttila, accident analyst at the Finnish National Safety Technology Authority, demolition experts etc. [LINK]

License fee payees may question why the BBC did not explore to find a more qualified witness.

16:56 (CC) "mains water supply to the building was knocked out when the twin towers came down"

16:58 Fireman to camera “all kinds of water problems, the two trade buildings took out the mains, there was no way to put the fire out”

This raises questions how deeply buried mains could be crushed and the presence of two fire boats on the nearby river fully ready for service just after the attacks.

17:19 official report on B7 ... intense fires that fatally weakened the buildings steel frame .. more research needed

In its latest File the BBC tells us NIST have concluded they were correct all along and fire brought the 47 story building down. For a more objective analysis on Building 7; [LINK]